"The only way forward is to give back..."

Muneezah Jawad has lived in Ward 4 of Oakville with her husband and three children for 15 years. As a law graduate from England, she uses her extensive training to mobilize people and be a voice for the community. She is passionate about being the go to person for the residents of Ward 4.  She has been involved in initiating a multitude of charitable projects and advocates for the rights and safety of children. She loves to unite the community by organizing several large family orientated festivals that promote local small businesses, encourage residents to go out and meet their fellow Oakvillians, and also boost the Towns profile.  In every sense of the way she truly believes in ‘home is where the heart is’ and Oakville holds a very special place in hers.

My vision

These are just a few of the things I want to work on. 

Traffic and Congestion

-Safety of the road users is paramount.  Speed limits need to be lowered permanently on certain streets and more traffic calming options such as street markings, speed display signs, decoys  stop signs need to be put into place.

Town has undertaken a study involving 20 school zones identify issues. These need to be dealt with swiftly.

-Residents have complained that their concerns are not taken up in a timely manner and followed up. All safety concerns are looked into and a report is communicated to the residents with follow up without red tape.

-Certain areas are hotbeds of congestion.  Solutions for congestion need to be implemented. These include smart traffic technology that adjust to the time of day and traffic situation to  ease unnecessarily long wait times. 

-Parking rules need to be reevaluated and optimized to the needs of the residents of each road. Solutions like restricted parking on narrow streets during peak hours and easing up restrictions after hours or where they are unnecessarily can definitely lower the level of frustration. 

-Residents, plaza owners and tow truck operators  are at loggerheads with the towing of cars parked in plazas not using the particular store for which parking is designated.  A strategy will be devised and implemented to ensure a fair practice for all parties involved. 

Lets go Green!!

-More funds need to be directed into updating and upgrading our parks and trails and more green space need to be created. The tree canopy must be preserved and developed. More programs are needed encouraging the use of the outdoor locations.  

-The ongoing Glen Abbey issue must be looked carefully so we can preserve the area as much as possible and for as long as possible. We cannot cope with the environmental and traffic nightmare this development will bring. We fight for forests in the Amazon yet cannot for our own town? Yes we have spent a lot of money to date on it. But to preserve it for our future generations is important. I DO want to look at cheaper ways of fighting it and ALSO to open it up to public use somehow. The central park idea is not a bad one but we need to figure out how to achieve it. 

- The Saw Whet development project needs to be closely monitored to make sure it is adhering to the guidelines set with regards to tree removal/planting, earth works such as grading and top soil removal so that minimal damage to the space is incurred.  

-We need to encourage active transport and better use of public transit. We need more people walking, biking and hiking and using electric  vehicles and electric buses.  We need to stop the idling of cars and buses. All this This would be less expensive and increase fitness in the community as well as create environmental awareness. 

Economic Revival

-Oakville needs to encourage small businesses by eliminating hurdles created by red tape. This will also create much needed  employment opportunities.

-More opportunities for local businesses to show case their products and services by holding more events such  Oakville Spring festival that I have run for the last 3 years. 

-Ensure that core construction plans do not impede customer access to businesses. 

- Work with Town and services to provide senior and students more access to free transport on public buses.

-Accountability, transparency and frugality are the key components to making our town work. We need to make sure that we are accountable to the public and are openly telling them where their money is going and also to treat it with the respect it deserves by making sure it is used with careful consideration. 

Caring and Compassion

Its not all about the physical state of our town. We have to look at its emotional health too. 

-Work with organizations such at the Halton Poverty Roundtable to acknowledge the issue of poverty in Oakville and Halton and actively involve the town in budgeting for it. We NEED more affordably housing.
We need to work with organizations to support people with mental health and substance abuse issue and create a wide network for individuals and families to reach out to to get help. Lets talk openly and acknowledge that it's a tremendous problem. 

-We pay a lot of municipal taxes, so we need to make sure that the services we get, especially the programming we get is state of the art. Our taxes that go to the municipality should result in quality services for US.  

By-Law Enforcement

-Residents have struggled to find support after hours to deal with by-law issues.  We must make sure that effective use of funds leads to residents issues being taken care of 24/7.

Communication is the Key


-I want to make sure that the residents have a direct line of communication with me at all times so that they have their issues conveyed and followed up in a timely fashion.  No one should feel that they cannot approach town hall.


Oakville has had some changes to its ward boundaries since the last municipal election. On November 14, 2016 the number of wards increased from 6 to 7 which meant that the Town Council will now comprise of 14 town councillors and 1 Mayor. These changes ensure that each ward  gets the due attention it needs and accommodates Oakville’s rapid population growth.